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Wywiad z Markiem Ronsonem

Czytałam ostatnio ciekawy wywiad z Markiem Ronsonem, którego wszyscy lubią, i który wg niektórych plotek Wynalazł Muzykę. Gdybym teraz miała 13 lat to pewnie bym uwierzyła. Przypomnijmy, Ronson jest odpowiedzialny za 50% hitów ostatniego roku, a za drugie 50 też, tylko o tym nie wiesz.
Mała lista jego sukcesów:
- "odkrycie" i debiutancki album Lily Allen
- Back To Black Amy Winehouse
-Wake Up Call Maroon 5
- Magificent Estelle

i porażek:
-Stop Me z albumu Verions
- Love Light Robbiego Williamsa
- nowy album Kaiser Chiefs

No więc w wywiadzie Ronson opowiada o dzieciństwie:
It kicked in as soon as we moved to New York. Such a culture gap. American kids I knew were allowed to sit up all night drinking soda and eating Twinkies. Not me. And when I was older and they could stay out till midnight on the weekends, I’d still be expected home at 9.30pm. At the time I was like, ‘She’s such a hard-arse! She really sucks!’, and a couple of times I ran away from home in a vague, ill-conceived spirit of rebellion. But now that I’m grown up I think, ‘F***, I’m glad she did that because look, I didn’t turn out like an idiot.’” Dexter-Jones also insisted he take jobs when on summer recess from his elite Manhattan school. Hard labour? “When I was 12, 13 and 14 I interned at Rolling Stone magazine,” he replies quickly, applying himself to his food.

i o pracy z gwiazdami i o tym, że czasami zdarza mu się myśleć, że nie jest w pytę:
It’s about making them feel confident, helping them to feel good about themselves. You’re this support system, creatively and emotionally. But still before every new job I’m racked with a massive insecurity: ‘OK, this’ll be the one that exposes me as a fraud and a talentless f***.’” Ultimately, Ronson says, the secret lies in just pleasing himself and whoever he is working with. “Doing Back to Black with Amy, we felt no pressure at all to come up with hits. We were in our own bubble, just making music we liked. So while I knew it was good, I had no idea why her A&R guy saw dollar signs the very instant we first played him Rehab.”

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