poniedziałek, 28 lipca 2008

Dlaczego dziennikarstwo muzyczne ssie

i o tym, dlaczego warto się ubezpieczać. Tim Lott, piszący w latach 70tych dla angielskiego magazynu Sounds, wspomina w artykule dla Guardiana:

The phone call came during the summer of 1975. I was crouched in front of a typewriter in the smoke-fogged newsroom of the Middlesex Advertiser and Gazette counting down the minutes until I could flee (...) The voice at the other end of the line informed me that a national pop music weekly, Sounds, was offering me a job (... )I believed that day that I had not only been issued a passport to paradise, but also an entry stamp marked "Power and Fame", as well as a temporary visa from the Ministry of Drugs and Debauchery.

The Stranglers tried to kidnap me from the office after I had written a poor review (they got someone else who happened to be handy, tied him up, kept him prisoner and suspended him over the stage at one of their gigs). Mick Jones of the Clash pushed me over in their dressing room for no apparent reason. The Lurkers brought out a song called I'm a Wanker. Scratched on to the vinyl was the epithet "Dedicated to Tim Lott".

Całość tej dość zabawnej historii można przeczytać tutaj.

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