wtorek, 29 lipca 2008

Andrew WK powraca, ale...

"ale" robi wielką różnicę.
To z guardian.co.uk
Crazy, dopey, metal-head genius Andrew WK has announced plans to return to the UK for the first time in four years. But instead of screaming songs into a microphone, blowing up amps, stage-diving and generally rocking out, Mr WK will instead be giving a lecture. As a motivational speaker.

On Friday, September 19, Andrew WK will present an "Inaugural Free Form Lecture" at Madame JoJo's nightclub in London. Before an "intimate" crowd, the singer will "impart his philosophy of partying hard and living without regret in a thoughtful and interactive public talk".
Since launching his lecture series in 2005, Andrew WK has been invited to such lofty halls of learning as Yale, New York University and the Carnegie Mellon Institute. We assume that London's nightclub gig is only because Oxford and Cambridge were, er, fully booked that night.


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