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Jak mówić "nie"

Jeśli jesteś w zespole, a nie odniosłeś jeszcze spektakularnego sukcesu, to pewnie zastanawiasz się co robisz źle.

Możliwe, że tak bardzo czekasz na okazje, że twoją standardową odpowiedzią na wszystkie propozycje jest "tak". O tym, jak rozsądnie kierować swoją karierą, i o tym, że mówienie "nie" może przynieść lepsze efekty niż zgadzanie się z góry na wszystko, pisze na swoim blogu Nick Moreton:

Ever wonder why your band only ever plays shitty gigs? It's because you keep saying yes to shitty gigs.

Let me rewind.

I was in a band from the age of 18-24, and during that time we were trying to "make it". We said yes to everything. Gigs, record deals, putting on gigs for other people, the list goes on. I can't think of one single instance where we said no.

You want to know where that got us? Nowhere. Worse than that, it cost us easily £1000+ in travelling costs for gigs, and specifically £1500 (naively) paid to a record label to fund the "manufacturing" of 500 CDs on a "pressing and distribution" deal. I could write a book on the utter bullshit involved in that deal, which was effectively a scam aimed to take money from young bands, lots of them, for about 5 years. The label in question is now under new management, and I have no idea if the practice still takes place, so I won't name them.

But I digress. Saying 'Yes' all the time got us precisely shit all. In fact, it directly led to us splitting up. (...)

The point is this. If you agree to everything you are offered, then you are devaluing what you do. You are a musician who is pouring your life in to your music. If somebody wants to do something with that music then they should damn well have to convince you that it is in your best interests before you agree.

You don't have to be a dick about it either. You have the right to ask questions and be honest with the people that you are talking to. If they don't respect that then you were right to ask those questions and they should be avoided like the plague.

Change your default setting to 'no'. Wait to be convinced. Do things on your terms.

"Learn to say no" na nickmoreton.posterous.com

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