wtorek, 17 czerwca 2008

Słuchasz muzyki w pracy?

...w samochodzie? na imprezie? myjąc okna?? (nie w tym samym czasie oczywiście).
no to masz prze.sra.ne.
Za nme.com:

Whenever music is played publicly, basically anywhere outside the home, a licence is required.
For businesses, if they are playing music which staff or customers can hear, they must pay the Performing Rights Society (PRS) for a licence.
By law, if you play copyrighted music in public, you need to have permission from the writers of it - money is paid to the artist via the PRS' licence.
According to BBC Newsbeat, many businesses do not realise that even playing the radio at work could land them a hefty fine.
Even taxi drivers need a licence if their passengers can hear the music they're playing.
As previously reported on NME.COM, the PRS have begun legal proceedings against Lancashire Police for playing music in their gym and over phones without the appropriate licence.

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