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Lemmy's Guide to Life

W artykule dla Spin frontman Motörhead opowiada o tym, jak został wrobiony w granie na basie, o zbieraniu pamiątek po nazistach i o żelaznej zasadzie związków damsko-męskich.

I learned to play bass onstage.

When I went to the job with Hawkwind, I went as a guitar player, but they decided in the meantime they didn't need a guitar player. Then the bass player didn't show up for the gig, and the dickhead left his bass in the gear van. It's like, "Please steal my gear," so I stole his gig. I'd never picked a bass up in my life before. It's probably much easier than it is to sit around torturing yourself to death trying to learn it note-by-note in front of a little booklet. It's much better if you can make a few mistakes. And the volume's loud so nobody really notices that much.

You had to be there, unfortunately.

As a roadie for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, I learned that I should give up being a guitar player. Anyone who watches Hendrix should give up the idea of being a fucking guitar player, 'cause he was so unbelievably good. He just took your breath away. He would just pull things out of it that you'd never believe, that you'd never heard before. You have to be at these things. Like when I saw the Beatles, you can't describe what it was like. It was great. It was tremendous. You can't really describe the feeling.

Collecting Nazi memorabilia doesn't make you a Nazi.

There's not much to collect of Red Indian stuff, or even Confederates. Arrowheads and a couple of warships, that's it. For me, World War II was only just over my shoulder. Somebody gave me a flag and then a dagger. I don't know why they gave them to me, but that started me off with collecting. I learned that if I had known how much of this Nazi memorabilia there was to collect, I never would have started in the first place. It's crowding me out of my house. But it's a good hobby, because it's so recent, that period, that there's still plenty to collect. This was in the 20th century so there's still all the good stuff. It's only a collection, it's not because I believe [in Nazism]. You do realize that, right?

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